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Da’ Strap is an easily adjustable strap with specially designed hooks.  It connects to your board and allows you to carry it easily across your back – out of the way and hands free.  Da’ Strap allows you to take your wheels with you safely and conveniently.  Just hook Da’ Strap to your skateboard, throw it over your shoulder and it stays secure until you are ready to use it.

With Da’ Strap, you can carry your board at your side or on your back, “ninja-style”.  You can even carry two boards if you want.  Da’ Strap provides skaters with the ability to walk to class or in the mall without being subjected to harassment.  Imagine – no more angry mall cops or inconvenienced teachers or nervous shop owners.  They will have no reason to be upset.

Da’ Strap folds up.  You can put it in your pocket or backpack when you’re skating, and when you need it, there it is, ready to go.  The strap and hooks are durable and long-lasting.  They are adjustable to fit any board.  Da’ Strap comes in a variety of different patterns, colors, and bold statements.  You can mix and match and find a new way to express yourself – let the world know who you are and what you believe in.

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